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* コンフィグレーション [#za2013b8]

- [[リファレンスページへ(英語):http://www.mulesoft.org/documentation/display/MULE3USER/Configuration%20Reference]]

* トランスポート [#be763ce4]

** トランスポートとは [#zb6e3023]

** トランスポートの設定 [#i1b13da9]

* モジュール [#kd50b967]

:Acegi Module| Security via Acegi.
:Atom Module| Support for consuming and creating Atom feeds.
:BPM| Mule's support for BPM allows you to send/receive messages to/from a running process. A message from Mule can start or advance a process, the message can be stored as a process variable, and a running process can send messages to any endpoint in your Mule application.
:CXF Module| Mule 3.0 architectural changes bring much better support for CXF, meaning it can be used just like another pipe/filter element.
:Client Module| MuleClient and the remote dispatcher, giving simple access to the Mule server.
:JAAS Module| Security via JAAS.
:JBoss Transaction Manager| JBoss transaction support.
:jBPM Module| JBoss jBPM is a best-of-breed open source BPMS and is well-integrated with Mule. One advantage of jBPM is that it is embedded directly in the Mule runtime, allowing for faster performance.
:Jersey Module]| Support for RESTful web services built using Jersey.
:Jersey Module| Support for RESTful web services built using Jersey.
:JSON Module| JSON data and binding support.
:Management Module| Mule agents for server management using JMX.
:OGNL Module| Provides a filter using OGNL expressions. For details, see Using OGNL Expressions.
:PGP Module| Security via PGP.
:SAML Module| Provides authentication and authorization capabilities to Mule based on the SAML standard. (As of Mule enterprise edition 2.2.3)
:RSS Module| Support for consuming RSS feeds
:Scripting Module| Interface between Mule and scripting languages (currently Groovy).
:Spring Extras Module| Extensions for using the Spring framework with Mule.
:SXC Module| A very fast streaming XPath router and filter.
:XML Module| XML based utilities (mainly filters and routers).

* API [#tdcd5c3c]
- [[API Reference 3.1.1(英語):http://www.mulesoft.org/docs/site/3.1.1/apidocs/]]
- [[API Reference 3.1.0(英語):http://www.mulesoft.org/docs/site/3.1.0/apidocs/]]
- [[Schemadocs Reference 3.1.1(英語):http://www.mulesoft.org/docs/site/3.1.1/schemadocs/]]
- [[Schemadocs Reference 3.1.0(英語):http://www.mulesoft.org/docs/site/3.1.0/schemadocs/]]
- [[Test API Reference 3.1.1(英語):http://www.mulesoft.org/docs/site/3.1.1/testapidocs/]]
- [[Test API Reference 3.1.0(英語):http://www.mulesoft.org/docs/site/3.1.0/testapidocs/]]

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